About the Workshop

"The old times where better!”  This is a common phrase that most of our grandparents use when it comes to art, music, movies and other things, and I know it because my beloved grandpa says it all the time.  And even though I like the modern days too and enjoy everything this era offers, there is something unique and charming about the vintage style that delights me and captures my attention.

Boulevard de L’antique is a small home workshop located in Panama City, Republic of Panama. We decorate crafts, furniture & home pieces inspired by the nostalgia of the times gone by, using techniques such as Decoupage, Crackle, Image transfer, Stencils, Vintage Stamps, Mixed Media Arts and other techniques on different surfaces.    Themed boxes with vintage graphics & ephemeras, greeting cards, paper & digital collages, journals, furniture remake, home decorations and even decoration of fabrics are among our inspirations.

The free graphics we share on our blogs are copyright free, images I have found on bazaars, antique markets and old magazines that I have collected over a period of time.  However if you see we published an image that is not copyright free, please do tell us about it, so that we can provide the proper credit to it or remove it, as our intention is not to cause any harm or break any laws, but just to provide a good vintage source for all artists. The images are for personal use only and you can use them on your craft, arts & decoration projects.

My career path is not related to the decoration or the interior design or even to the crafts, it is related instead to the tourism industry, and I do work on a daily basis assisting tourists in planning their trips to my country, Panama. However the arts, decorations & crafts have always been very present in my life, running side to side with my career through the years.

I am a self-taught person learning and practicing techniques, tricks & tips and I wanted to give my creative side a chance to express and this blog has been created with that purpose in mind and by doing it I get to share my experiences, my personal point of view, everything we have learned and give our readers and friends ideas on how to do the same in their homes.

In our blog you will be able to read about:
  • Use of different techniques such as Decoupage, Crackle, Stamps, Image Transfer and other techniques with tutorials
  • Decorate different surfaces using Vintage Ephemera's, Images & Graphics
  • Furniture re-dos
  • Decorations from simple easy steps to more elaborated techniques
  • Recycled projects
  • Free vintage images & digital collages at our other blog “Retro Scraps” Freebies
This blog is designed especially for people like me, who are not professionals in this field, but still can be creative and use what we have learned and continue learning to make wonderful things.  

We will be posting on a regular basis 2-3 times a week and we’ll see how it goes, this world of blogging is new to me and slowly slowly I hope to catch up nicely with the rhythm of posting and working at the projects we will be posting about.   Please note that the “English language” is not my mother tongue, so when you find some mistakes please bear with me and even let me know about them if you want, I would appreciate it. 

Thank you for visiting us. 
Erika E.