April 3, 2013

Retro Fashion Bookmarks

As we have mentioned before, in our workshop we also like to dabble with vintage graphics and create digital compositions and collages with different graphic elements that we have available in our collection.  Keep in mind is not on a professional level but just for fun.  We have designed some nice Retro Fashion Bookmarks.     To download the Digital Designs, visit our Retro Scraps Freebies blog or Click Here for the direct link.

Once you have saved the bookmarks in your computer, print them on thick paper or cardboard and protect the print a little bit with an ink fixative in spray.

Proceed to cut them with the scissors.

Then punch the top of the bookmark where you want the thread or lace to go and voilà! Easy work, you are done!! 

In few steps you get unique RetroFashion Bookmarks or Tags that you can use in your projects.

I hope you liked this project, thank you very much for following us and being part of our fans, we really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful week,


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