February 7, 2013

Free Printable Frames – Vintage Style

In our workshop we also like to dabble with vintage graphics and create digital compositions and collages with different graphic elements that we have available in our collection.  Keep in mind is not on a professional level but just for fun:

To download the frames, click HERE @ Retro Scraps Freebies Blog.  

February 5, 2013

Indian Mehandi Box

One of my favorite things about India is their tradition and art of “Mehandi” which consist in painting beautiful designs in ladies’ hands and feet with Henna Ink.   Apart from the traditional ink they also sell today readymade Henna Tattoos that will transfer the design to the skin as a regular non permanent tattoo would do.  Today I share with you one project I made using Mehandi Tattoos, here it is:

This project was very easy and using only with basic materials as paint, tattoos and varnish. It was for one of my cousins who does this art and I took the box to a local artist to write down her name in the Hindi language.

I painted the base of the box with acrylic purple color shades; once it was dry I applied the tattoos to different areas of the box and let it dry.  Then the local artist drew very beautifully her name on the box and I proceeded with the layers of varnish.

February 1, 2013

Retro Road Trip Box

My dear friends & readers, back in December I thought I would take a small pause (couple of days) to get ready for the festivities and somehow it turned out to be a longer pause than I expected hehe!!.  But anyway we are back on track with all the excitement to share new projects & new images in our both blogs Boulevard de L'antique:  Crafts & Decor and Retro Scrap Freebies.

Have you heard the say: “one man's trash is another man's treasure?”  Well, it's true! I found two boxes in our building's junk disposal area.  Yes! Two beautiful game boxes were there waiting to be rescued and I could not believe how somebody would throw them away.  The boxes were in perfect condition and still contained some small game pieces that I have kept as trinkets for future projects.   Today I want to show you how I decorated one of the boxes inspired by a Retro Road Trip, here it is the outcome: 

With a little bit of paint, different images related to theme (highway restaurants, bars, signs, etc) and few stamps I was able to create a nice keepsake box for any road trip souvenir collection, but of course in retro style.  

In this project we used the standard “decoupage” step by step you can find HERE.