November 1, 2012

We are back on the Train & Retro Scraps

Hellooo! I am glad to be back in the blog and workshop after a long & nice vacations.  My husband and I visited our family in India and had such a great time over there that we didn’t want to leave, but we are back with projects & images from that beautiful country that we will be sharing with you in near future.

I made a few “cosmetic” changes to the blog, and also decided to separate the Crafts & Décor from the Free Vintage Graphics and starting a new blog, so that each blog would be devoted to its own topic.  The new blog is “Boulevard de L'antique:  Retro Scraps ~Freebies~

On the Retro Scraps ~Freebies~ blog you will find all types of vintage images for your artistic ventures and we will also post Digital Collages & Images from our own creation.  We invite you to follow Retro Scraps through the social media buttons so you won't miss the updates.  We will be constantly adding new images. 

So far, I have posted many of the images I had posted in the Crafts & Decor's Blog, and from tomorrow I am starting with the new ones.

We will start the articles now with an edition of “A walk in Time” series, this time about a flea market in the city of Pune, India.

Thank you so much for reading and following. Enjoy doing your crafts and have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Todo super es precioso tu blog y por eso desde hoy te sigo,volveré, hasta muy prontito....

  2. Very happy to see you back! I had no idea about your Indian connection :) I am from India too. Keep inspiring us with more projects/pics from your trip.


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