November 3, 2012

A Walk in Time: Juna Bazaar in Pune

Did you ever think you would be seeing a pair of these again?

Or these ones? 

Well I certainly did not, but to my surprise I found these charming roller skates at the Juna Bazaar in the city of Pune, India.  My husband and I visited our very dear friends there and they took us to this fascinating bazaar.  

It brought me lot of memories and I truly Walked back in time! Here is more of what we found:

Juna Bazaar translates literally into “Old Market” and wao! you do find old things.  It operates on Wednesdays and Sundays.

You can find anything from bags, home utensils, accessories, vintage treasures, old electronics, cloths, shoes, music, kitchen appliances and many but many more things both old and also new. It’s amazing.

They have also an area for the coin collectors and another for cameras and phones.

It includes a great variety of old typewriters.

In the middle I found one stall with vintage goodies that I loved, and a replica of an old train station Clock I fell in love with. 

I bought some of these old photos that I will post soon at Retro Scraps ~Freebies~.

And if you are hungry, there is always something to munch and renew your battery.

I had an incredible time at Juna Bazaar and I honestly wanted to stay longer; the city is also full of life and colors, a nice mixture between the old and new.  Pune is the seventh largest metropolis in India and the cultural capital of the State of Maharashtra. Here are some pictures I shot while sightseeing.

If you visit India, visit to Pune, there is a lot to learn, it’s a wonderful place.

I hope you liked this trip back in time, thank you for reading us.  If you would like to read the previous "A Walk in Time series" posts, the list is here: 

Have a great weekend,



  1. Muchas gracias por unirte amí,un gran beso desde barcelona.....

  2. How wonderful to see. My late father was born in Poona (Pune) in 1921 when it was under British Rule. He always spoke fondly of the beauty of India.

  3. What a beautiful bazaar! I must visit this place next time I am in India.

  4. Well, you just show us around the market. It's good to look all of the daily utensils for home. Home Appliances UAE has the best selection of daily households.


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