July 13, 2012

Retro Greeting card from Romania

One of my uncles studied in Romania back in the late 1970´s and he used to send beautiful greeting cards to my grandparents every year and I would like to share today one of my favorite ones:

It’s beautiful right?  I think it would go nice to use it as a story book cover.

Thank you very much for visiting and have a wonderful weekend,



  1. I love using the vintage graphics! Isn't it nice that the cards were saved so long for us to use today!?

  2. E' bellissimo il tuo blog, da oggi in poi sarai tra i blog che seguo!
    Scusa, non parlo e scrivo inglese ma spero che potrai tradurre quello che ti ho scritto! A presto, Claudia!

  3. hi! it;s a great pleasure to find here a romanian greeting card... i didn;t see this graphic till now! thank you for sharing!!! a great surprise!


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