June 11, 2012

Early model of Ford & Our project was featured this week

Father’s Day is approaching and we thought about posting this week some images related to the topics that men find interesting, like cars for example, and the first one is this funny drawing of an early Ford Model which I found in an old book about the history of transportation. Hope you like it. 

Now, on to the good news.  We have been so happy and excited at the workshop this week and wanted to share it with you, because one of our new projects (Oh those summer days) have been featured by 2 incredible Blogs: Maid in a Day and Serenity You, it means a lot to us and it inspire us to continue working & sharing more projects.   

Thank you so much to Kim and to check her features click here.   Thank you as well so much to Natasha and to check her features click here.

Also, we submitted our workshop to a Spanish craft directory “Directorio de Manualidades” and they chose our blog among the blog’s of the month, it was a very nice surprise.  Thank you very much to Yolanda, and if you would like to see the directory, click here.

And last but not least, we received a stamp, a gift from our friend Simone at Minhas Artes, where she chose 10 blogs she would like to feature.  To see her features, click here.  And the stamp looks like this:

It says: “This blog is perfect, I approve it and recommend it”  Thank you very much Simone for this great gift.

It has been a really nice week for us, thank you very much for all your support,

Have a great day,


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  1. Congratulations for all the features, must be so exciting!And I love the cute graphic of the old Ford model...perfect for Father's Day:)Thanks for sharing your exciting news and for visiting me and leaving me such a sweet comment. I appreciate it!~Poppy


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