June 23, 2012

Art Nouveau Illustration

Alphonse Maria Mucha is one of my favorite illustration artists, he was born in the town of Ivančice, Moravia (the present Czech Republic).  He was a Czech painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style.

Today I post his French vintage perfume ad made circa 1900.  The advertisement is for "Bleuze-Hadancourt Parfumeur," in Paris. 

Mucha produced a flurry of paintings, posters, advertisements, and book illustrations, as well as designs for jewelry, carpets, wallpaper, and theatre sets in what was termed initially “The Mucha Style” but became known as Art Nouveau (French for “new art”).

I used one of his beautiful illustrations to decorate a round jewelry box that I posted some weeks ago.  You can see the project here.

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