May 25, 2012

Flea Market at Tynemouth Railway Station

If you have read some of my previous vintage image's posts you will remember I mentioned that some of the images I posted were found at a small flea market.  This market I talk about is the Tynemouth Market at the Railway Station in Tynemouth town, in UK (close to New Castle).    

I went there because my husband is a stage manager for a British Cruise line and I am a very lucky girl that he can take me on board once a year for 1 month, and like this I have been able to visit new beautiful places each occasion.  Last time I was on the cruise ship, one of the places we visited was Tynemouth, a very beautiful and picturesque town we enjoyed very much.  

Tynemouth is a town and a historic borough in Tyne and Wear, England, at the mouth of the River Tyne, between North Shields (on the Tyne) and Cullercoats (on the coast to the North).   I liked the architecture, the pubs, the restaurants, the food and the places to visit, but what I liked the most and totally unexpected was to find the small flea market at this Victorian Railway Station.   

I have not visited many flea markets recently, as we do not get much of those in Panama, but last time I visited one flea market was many years ago, so when we arrived that Sunday morning to Tynemouth and found this cute market at the train station it was a wonderful surprise for me.     

Tynemouth is one of the oldest stations on the Tyne and Wear network, Tynemouth Station was opened by the North Eastern Railway in 1882. It served as the terminus for the first section of the Metro network from Tynemouth to Haymarket in Newcastle City Centre, and became a through station in 1982 when the fourth section of the network to St. James was opened.

Today I would like to share with you some of the things I brought home that day.  Mostly I purchased lots of vintage ephemera, but few tins and some stamps as well.  

I like tin boxes and I found a couple of nice ones and although I do not have knowledge about antiques, what is valuable or not, I buy items because I like them and find them beautiful, unique or charming. 

This nice large match box also called my attention.

The great find of the day was these vintage wood stamps or printing blocks from a local town, a church and old houses.   I have not used them in any project yet but I have my eyes on them already for a special one.  

After a nice shopping time (I was happy shopping and my husband was thinking “What does she see in these things? These are old!! Hehe), we felt hungry and luckily at the same station there was a cute coffee place named Porter's Coffee House, where I had one of the best tuna & cheese sandwiches I have tried in a long long time, it was super delicious, the service was excellent and the place was accurately decorated with all sorts of antiques.    I definitely recommend it.

This town was one of my favorite places from those we visited while cruising, hand in hand with the medieval town of Tallin in Estonia where we found a small but very interesting and cute medieval store I will talk about and show you in another post. 

Thank you for reading us and have a wonderful day,


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  1. I love it when someone enjoys the UK. I've never been to Tynemouth, but it looks like a lovely town - what a great job your husband has !


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