May 31, 2012

Vintage Newspaper Ads II

Here I share today two more vintage ads from an old British newspaper, first one is for Mazda lamps and lightning and on this particular image I must say that when I saw the advertisement I thought it was Mazda "the Japanese automobile company", but then to my surprise I realized that it was about lightning and got curious so I did a research online to come to know that Mazda was a trademarked name registered by General Electric in 1909 for incandescent light bulbs. 

The brand name was used from 1909 through 1945 in the United States by General Electric and Westinghouse. Mazda brand light bulbs were made for decades after 1945 outside the USA, including UK.    Everyday you learn something new right?

The second ad is for the Denu-Wear children's set in London.

Enjoy using them in your projects.

Thank you,


May 30, 2012

Audubon Birds

Today’s image is a beautiful postcard of the Louisiana and Scarlet Tanager Birds by John James Audubon, The birds of America, London 1835-38.   John James Audubon, spent days and weeks in the forest producing countless life-size bird drawings. In the late 1800s, the Audubon Society was founded in his name, honoring his respect for birds and the environment.

Enjoy it and have a nice day,


May 27, 2012

Oh those summer days!

I love summer days, the breeze, the trips to the beach or rivers, white clouds and blue sky, weekends with family, but right now it is our rainy season in Panama, and it’s been raining even with strong winds off late.

But today it was beautiful; a nice sunny day that gave me the idea to do a small painting that would remind me of a sunny day even under a heavy rain.   This is what came out, a summer day at the beach back in 1950.

I am no professional painter at all and would not even know how to do a painting, but nowadays with all the resources the internet offer; there are awesome tutorials that can teach beginners how to paint a background.

So I ran a search and found one tutorial at a great site named eHow.   And watching the tutorial video you can find here and trying it myself, my beach background turned out quiet nice I would say (considering I don't know how to paint):

May 25, 2012

Flea Market at Tynemouth Railway Station

If you have read some of my previous vintage image's posts you will remember I mentioned that some of the images I posted were found at a small flea market.  This market I talk about is the Tynemouth Market at the Railway Station in Tynemouth town, in UK (close to New Castle).    

I went there because my husband is a stage manager for a British Cruise line and I am a very lucky girl that he can take me on board once a year for 1 month, and like this I have been able to visit new beautiful places each occasion.  Last time I was on the cruise ship, one of the places we visited was Tynemouth, a very beautiful and picturesque town we enjoyed very much.  

May 23, 2012

A Vintage Neoclassical Portrait & We´ve been Featured

We are so excited at the workshop this week because one of our projects (Vintage Train Station Box) have been featured by the Creatively Living Blog and the A Delightsome life. It is our first two features and as newbies in the blog world, it means a lot and it inspire us to continue working & sharing beautiful projects.  Thank you very much to Katie from Creatively Living & click here to see her party and the projects she featured this week.   Thank you so much as well to Kathy from A Delightsome life & click here to see her party.

Today I want to share this beautiful portrait, painted by Jacques-Louis David, a famous French artist of the neoclassical style.  The portrait is of Madamme Emile Sereziat, who was his sister in law and he painted it 1795.   I got this copy as a postcard, the original is at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. 

According to Wikipedia, on a fashion note, her dress shows the beginning of neo-classical trends in women's attire. 

Have a nice day,


May 20, 2012

Decorating a boring organizer with a Vintage inspired Collage

I like to keep handy the tags and business cards of our workshop using an organizer that I carry with me in my purse, so I found a small organizer for only 2.99 at a local store, it had many compartments and the size was perfect, but it had one downside “it was boring”…  

Then I thought, well I like to decoupage so why not do it with my organizer, and so I did, and decorated it by making a Collage with several vintage cuts and papers. Here it is the finished work on the front side: 

And here it is back side:

This is how it looked before:

May 18, 2012

Vintage Postcard from Edinburgh

Today I leave you this postcard I found at a small market, it is from Edinburgh and I think the drawing funny.  

Enjoy it & Have a great weekend,


May 16, 2012

Old Telephone Directory

Last weekend I ventured into one of our national libraries in town and there I found an old phone directory from 1978.   And right after opening it, I discovered a world of retro advertisements in the yellow pages.  I was happy to see it.  Here it is the directory:

I will be sharing in the future posts some of these retro ads I found.  Here are the first ones.  This graphic was in the first pages of the phonebook, a resume of the important phone numbers in the city, like police, hospital, etc.  

Then I worked a little bit on it by removing the numbers,

May 13, 2012

Vintage Train Station Box

One of my favorite things to do with decoupage is to create scenes by taking different images elements and put them together as a picture.   This is what I did with today’s project, a Vintage train station.

I like trains very much, and I´ve had the opportunity to travel in different ones. However in Panama at the moment we only count with 1 train, an Interoceanic train that runs from the Pacific to the Atlantic in 1 hour, and the scenery you get to see in this ride is beautiful, and I thought a train project would be nice.  Here is the before and after:

The box was a tobacco box I got at a local tobacco store and used the standard decoupage procedure to transform it.  

May 11, 2012

Vintage Newspaper Ads

I am sharing today two nice Vintage ladies’ shoe ads from a British newspaper.  

The newspaper was not complete and I was not able to verify the publication date, but considering the shoe styles I think they are from the early 1950’s.

Enjoy using them in your projects,

Thank you,


May 9, 2012

Flower cards for Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

These are two lovely vintage flower cards for Mother’s day in spanish, and they were actually given to my Grandmother even before I was born, I would like to share them with you.

This one is from 1967 and it says “Love to my Mother”

 This one is from 1970 and it says “A special greeting on Mother’s day”

I love the colorful roses,

Happy Mother’s Day! 


May 8, 2012

Last minute idea for a special Mom's gift pack!

The International Mother’s day is now around the corner, but we in Panama celebrate it in the month of December.  However, I worked over the weekend on a project that I had in mind for a great gift on mother’s day.  A surprise themed box filled with some beauty & spa gift set:

This project is easy and quick to make, and a very good idea if you have your gift ready but no wrapping or no special way to pack it and you are running out of time.  You can do it yourself last minute, it will be unique and special but most of all mom will love it.   

But even if your gift is not related to beauty spa or perfumes, you can change the themed images according to your gift.  I recycled one cardboard box I had. 

May 3, 2012

Tea time vintage postcard

Here it is a nice postcard that makes me think of tea time.  A good cup of tea is always welcome. I found this postcard on a very small flea market.  Unfortunately the postage stamp is incomplete, so we cannot see the date it was sent, perhaps to a friend or a relative?

Enjoy your time,


May 1, 2012

Old Fashioned Milk Delivery

For the Worker's Day celebration, I wanted to post a picture of the old fashioned milk delivery, as it used to be done many years ago.  But unlike this picture, in my case, I remember when I was a little girl; our milkman used to come every morning on horseback, he was a very nice man and his name was Teo.  

 Happy May Day!